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About Us

We would like to welcome you to Eagle Valley Raptor Center, and we hope you have wonderful learning experience!

Eagle Valley Raptor Center Inc. was formed in 2002. We purchased 20 acres of land near Cheney, Kansas and started construction in 2003. We formed a Board of Directors and applied for and received our 501.3(c) status as a nonprofit organization and we were on our way.

Since 1998 we have taken in on average over 100 birds a year due to injuries, poisoning or orphaned as babies. We felt the need to build a facility that not only would provide a place to care for these birds, but to offer an educational opportunity for schools, churches, scout groups, 4-H, seniors and other appropriate organizations to come and learn about these important species to our Kansas environment.

We currently have 12 holding pens we have built for our non-releasable Hawks, Owls and Eagles. We are also have the largest flight-pen for eagles in the region: a 100 feet long by 20 feet tall by 20 feet wide. This flight pen allows us to exercise and condition injured birds prior to their release. The building was made possible by the efforts of Westar Energy Green Team, lead by team leader Brad Loveless, Steve Vaughn, Jeff Pennington and several company lineman. They have donated materials, labor and financial support.

Bob Daves from the Wichita Carpenters' Union, Steve Vaughn from Westar, and Ron Lockwood from Coatsville, Pennsylvania, have donated countless hours in labor. Harp Well Service and Brand Plumbing have donated labor and materials. matt Ritchie from Rcon Concrete Company donated concrete, Troy Thissen from TT Concrete donated help with the pouring and the finishing of the sidewalks, pavilion and bathroom.

Jim Tadtman from Wildcat Construction donated materials, labor and equipment to build our parking lot for cars and buses that visit our center. Mike Eastman from Eastman Construction donated labor to help frame the pavilion. Doyle Heimerman donated labor and machinery for drilling post holes, preparing the fields for planting native prairie grass, spreading gravel and preparing the ground for construction. Becker Tree Service supplied trees at a reduced cost. Home Depot made a generous grant for the materials needed for the flight pen. Eldorado Walmart has generously given us many grants. A very special thank-you goes out to Dr. Davey Harkins from the Eldorado Animal Clinic. For the last several years, Dr. Davey has provided vet care for our birds at little or no cost to us. His generosity has been a tremendous and valuable help to us.

After many years of hard work, with the help of generous individuals and companies, Eagle Valley Raptor Center has become a positive influence in the community, providing educational opportunities for today's youth.


Ken Lockwood
Program Director
Eagle Valley Raptor Center


Tax-deductible, and OH so fulfilling... support your local wildlife!

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