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Teacher Resources
to Prepare for Tours

Prepare your class or group for the EVRC experience by running them through some of our educational materials before their tour.

We are constantly working on improving our presentations and hope that this material enhances your groups understanding of what we do and how each and every one of us can help protect the environment.

Ken Lockwood
Program Director
Eagle Valley Raptor Center

Raptor Fact Sheet

Title: Raptor Facts
Length: Single page

This file contains basic information on what a raptor is and what types of birds are in the raptor family.

Owl Fact Sheet

Title: Owl Facts
Length: Single Page

This file contains some great trivia about Owls, including information like what are the smallest and largest species.

Owl Pellets Activity Book

Title: Owl Pellets Activity Book
Length: Six Pages

This file contains basic information on owls and ther eating habits, and revolves around the dissection of an owl pellet. Additional information is included with the activity, such as rodent bone structure.

Owl Pellets Teachers Guide

Title: Owl Pellets Teacher's Guide
Length: Single Page

This file contains information for teachers to accompany the Amazing Owl Pellets student activity book.

Barn Owl Nest Boxes

Title: Barn Owl Nest Boxs
Length: Single Page

This file contains construction information to help you build your own nest box.

Kestrel Nest Boxes

Title: Kestrel/Screech Owl Nest Boxs
Length: Single Page

This file contains information on building your own nest box, including a diagram.


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Fun Stuff for
Younger Kids
The EVRC Coloring Book

EVRC Coloring Book
Length: Four Pages



The EVRC Activity Book

EVRC Activity Book
Length: Four Pages


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