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EVRC offers both on and offsite Bird of Prey programs. Book us to come to your school and teach your students about how birds of prey affect the environment and how our lifestyles can affect them, or bring your class out for a exciting time in nature and visit all of our feathered friends.

In 2005 we also started offering an exciting reading program for preschool to 3rd grade.

Please call or e-mail for details.

Phone: (316) 393-0710
Email: raptorcare@aol.com

Testimonial Excerpt

"It is Mr. Lockwood's intention to include a strong educational component in all of his programs, which of course requires that he possess an excellent working knowledge of the animals under his care, and understands and can interpret the types of behaviors that he so superbly brings out in his animals. He has been successful in that regard, and is always eager to answer questions about his birds of prey and other animals."

Alan D. Maccarone, Ph.D, Professor of Biology, Friends University - George D. Potts, Ph.D., Professor of Biology, Friends University



Tax-deductible, and OH so fulfilling... support your local wildlife!

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