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 Summer is almost over,and EVRC is Finally baby free! All baby owls and hawks have fled the coop! We now can concentrate on other things we are needing to do at the center. First up is training our Peregrine Falcon " Kili" our newest member to the center. She has been inside our home in our living room watching TV and getting used to us. We moved her outdoors Monday, to her new pen, and she has had her first two tour groups this week. She has done really well. As the tour group stops at her pen, She gets a little nervous, but I then enter the pen and offer her a fat juicy mouse. She quickly forgets the group and starts her very high excited call. After a little coaxing, she jumps to the glove and tears into her treat! This is a very important part of the training, as it makes "Kili" excited to see tour groups come, because she knows that a treat is soon to follow. Soon we will be able to have "Kili" jump to the glove and bring her out on the glove, for people to be able to see her upclose and take photo's. We recently completed the new roof extension over the east side of our pavilion, and we are excited to have a new Eagle Scout Project started this month. We are going to have the logs that are in front of our two Eagle Exhibits raised so that it is easier for older adults get up and down from them including me! The heat is going to be a factor this month, as we spend time watering down the birds with cool water several times during the day. We are conducting tours only in the evening because of the heat, both for the tourist and the birds welfare. Take care everyone, Stay Cool and come visit "Kili". 


Ken Lockwood                                                                                               



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