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Bald Eagle Rescues!  January 2009 has already started strong as EVRC has taken in two Bald Eagles along with several Owls and Hawks. One is suffering from lead poisoning, and the second Eagle was caught in a steel foot hold trap. Both of these could have been prevented by humans taking the neccessary precautions. When a hunter uses lead shot, and wounds a duck or geese and does not retrieve it, the Eagle will eat it after it dies. Bald Eagles are scavengers and will eat carrion. Lead shot is illegal in most states and public lands that are open for hunting. Another source of Eagles getting lead poisoning, is when a fisherman uses lead sinkers and loses it to a fish that gets away. When the Eagle catches the fish and eats it, again it gets lead posioning. The Eagle that was  caught in a steel trap, was near a river were Bald Eagles were present. The farmer had set baited traps for coyotes knowing there were Eagles in the area. The Eagle sees the bait and goes to eat it and when he grabs it with his talons it gets caught in the trap. Both Eagles at this time are recovering. The one that was caught in trap should be released in the next few weeks. The Eagle with lead poisoning is going to take at least a couple of months to recover. Then we will need to see if there is any after effects such as partial blindness, liver and or kidney damage and balance issues. He is doing great at this time, but we can use a few prayers for his complete recovery! We will keep you updated.


Ken Lockwood

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