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 Spring is in the air! Offically it is not supposed to start until March 21st, but don't tell that to the Great Horned Owls! They are one of the earliest if not the first birds in Kansas to start having babies. So as a result, there are babies in the nest. The strong winds we had on March 23rd and March 24th blew several nests out of the trees and as a result we started getting calls about baby owls on the ground. One call came from Wellington. The Prairie Lawn Cementery had two babies on the ground and were huddled against a door in front of a Mausoleum. The caretaker was afraid of the little baby owls and said he couldn't get in, so police were called to rescue the little owlets! Winfield called us about a baby on the ground. The mother was killed when her and the nest were blown into a powerline and she was electrocuted. We are hoping this is all we get for awhile, but with the winter blizzard we just got, we might be getting a few more calls.

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