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Summer is Here, Babies are leaving the Nest! Yes finally after 2 months of raising 9 Barn Owls, 11 Screech Owls, 6 American Kestrels, 4 Barred Owls and 3 Great Horned Owl babies they are now close to leaving the nest! We are releasing them one at a time as we go out and look for a good spot. Depending on the type of bird depends on where we release them. We took out an ad in the Times-Sentinel Newspaper for area Barns to release the Barn Owls and the response has been great. Our Harris Hawk "Hannah" is doing great and has been a favorite with our Tour Groups. Coming soon will be a raptor from South America! Check back in a few weeks and see the surprise we have waiting! Stay Cool!    


Ken Lockwood                                                                                                             

caring for nature's injured and orphaned wildlife

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