Bald Eagle - "WaSu"

WaSu stand for Wichita State University! He came to us as Juvenile Eagle 2 years ago. He still had his black head and tail, Bald Eagles don't become mature until about their 5th year. That is when they will obtain the white head and tail that they are famous for. He was shot in his left wing and he sustained nerve and muscle damage along with a broken bone. Due to this he cannot fold the wing up all the way. He came from the Sardis Raptor Center in Ferndale, Washington. He loves groups, especially kids. He will fly right up to the front of the cage, and then he receives a mouse for his efforts. We have started glove training him in December 2005. We hope to have him ready for his first program in March at the Wichita Garden Show at Century II.

WaSu - Bald Eagle
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