Barn Owl - "Miles"

Came from the Dodge City Zoo about 4 years ago. They had 2 males in a pen with one female. When the chicks would hatch the rough male would kill and eat the baby. He was wanting to stimulate the female to want to breed again. Miles was the last of 7 that were hatched and we drove to Dodge City to get him. That is why we call him miles. One of our most popular birds. Does free flight demonstrations during programs. With the decline of farmers, the Barn Owl is becoming more rare. Without Barns, Silo's and other buildings and when farm land is converted to industrial or residential area's, this takes away it's food source. One Barn Owl will eat 3000 mice per year. They have 3 nicknames, "Monkey Faced Owl," "Heart Faced Owl" or the "Farmers Best Friend." They have been known to scream so loud when startled, that people have called 911 because they thought they heard a women screaming.

Barn Owl
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