Golden Eagle - "Talon"

Talon came to us from the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program at Colorado State University. She was shot in her right wing in Wyoming and the surgery was done by a veterinarian that had little experience with raptors. The bones didn't heal correctly and she has limited flight because of it. She was transported to Colorado State University from Wyoming and they tried for several months to exercise the wing in a flight pen. After determining she was nonreleasable, they either had to euthanize the bird or find a home for her. They had placed her on the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council's website for placement. We saw her on the first day and called to let them know we would take her. We have had her for about 2 years and she is one of only 2 trained Golden Eagles in the State of Kansas. She has some of the most powerful feet in Birds of Prey. A grown man may have 25lbs per square inch of pressure when he squeezes his hand. Talon has over 500 lbs! She can go into dives that will exceed 100 mph! She has been doing school programs for a year now.

Golden Eagle
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